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Business Case Analysis

Before we commence any software project we do a business case analysis to establish:

  • What the software is meant to achieve
  • Who is to have access to it
  • What security implications need to be addressed
  • How will the data be entered
  • How will the software interact with other existing systems
  • What benefits will it provide
  • What added value will it bring to the business

We will spend whatever time is necessary talking with your staff to establish what is to be done and and how best to achieve it.  Time and money spent at this stage of a project is never wasted.  Thorough analysis leads to much cheaper software development as there need to be far less changes made at late stages of the project.  When the analysis is completed we will provide a report on how the software should be implemented.  If required we can supply analysis as a stand alone product.

Windows Programming

We can either provide traditional Winforms programmes with rectangular forms and typical grey backgrounds or more graphic software with elaborate designs done using Windows Presentation Framework(WPF).  There are reasons for using both systems.  

  • Winforms programmes are quicker to develop making them ideal for quick in house solutions
  • Winforms programming is cheaper to produce.
  • Users are familiar with the Winforms layout.
  • WPF programmes look modern and are much more user friendly.
  • WPF programmes can incorporate any graphic features.
  • WPF programmes can include smooth realistic animations and video.

In addition we can also produce the new Windows Windows 8 software both in desktop and the new Metro style.

Web Programming

We can provide all levels of sophistication in web programmes from a simple static website like this one to a fully interactive e-commerce site linked to databases and web services.  Integration with databases is very much a speciality of ours.   We can provide software which will run on all web platforms and all our software is standards compliant so that it will run in all browsers. 

Hybrid Programming

In this model there is a public facing web application which gathers data and a windows programme which processes it in some way.  For example you could have a web based programme which gathered data from your sales people, allowed stock checking, and ordering.  Back at the office there would be a far more sophisticated piece of software which would handle stock control, printing of pick lists, invoicing, accounting,credit control etc.  Web techniques are improving virtually daily at the moment but there is still a significant advantage to doing the 'heavy lifting' with a Windows programme.

Programming for Mobile Devices

All our web programmes are designed with a mobile alternative so they can be easily viewed on Tablets and Smartphones. In addition we produce apps for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8