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We design and build tailor made software for universities, medical applications and commerce.

The company was founded 30 years ago originally to produce DOS based database programmes.  Our first major client was Hill Samuel Life Assurance.  The product ran the administration of the sales offices, calculated commissions and kept track of advisors perfomance.  This was long before the days of networked micro computers and the system relied on discs being sent to the head office every day with the days work.   Working in those relatively primitive conditions gave us an understanding of how to use the benefits of the computing power that gradually became available to make the operation of our software as intuitive as possible.  Our solution was originally intended to be used as a stopgap until mainframe software could be developed to do the job.  In the event our software was still in place when the company was sold some seven years later and the mainframe product was never made.

That pattern has been reproduced on many occasions.   We are proud that our software is so simple to use that people are loth to replace it and that it long outlasts it's original intentions.

When Windows became the operating system of choice we moved our development environment to Delphi and subsequently to Microsoft .Net using C# as our preferred language.

Now we develop both Web and Windows based applications but still maintain our basic philosphy that properly developed user software should never need a manual as it is obvious what it does and how it does it.

The world has moved on and we now work with designers to make the most comfortable user interfaces.

If you have a problem and are looking for a quick but reliable solution which can be implemented with virtually no staff training then please contact us.